A Lovely Experience of Trans Dating

I am a transgender woman and I am 24 years old. It was when I was still 15 years old when I first started my transition. I still remember time before that, vividly. I would stole my mother‘s underwear and wear them on me where ever I went. It made me feel confident and comfortable. Of course, my mother felt something wasn't right. She always lost her underwear and needed to buy new ones. Then once, she came to my room to look for clothes to wash when I was not in the room. There was a panty under my pillow and she found it. She went through my wardrobe and found the others. It got her so worried. She thought I must have some mental illness or peculiarity like crossdressers. I told them that I was a girl, a transgender girl. They just couldn't believe it and took me to a doctor. As expected, the doctor diagnosed me as transgender. That is when I started my transition. I feel lucky to have my parents who have been supporting me from the beginning.

Anyway, it happened when I was 17 years old. I was in my transition. I still didn't get used to my transgender identity and I was very conservative about it. From the appearance, I was just like any cisgender girl and I think I was pretty back then. He was living near us, not far. He went to the same school as me. We went through the same road. It was he firstly noticed me. He had nice blue eyes and a tall height. But I never noticed that until he came to me and said hi. He was two and a half years older than me. He said that "you know, we live very close. I have been noticing you since a week ago". I smiled politely. But back then, I was a little self-abased. I felt that a cute guy like him would never fall in love with girls like me, especially that I was a transgender. I thought it would scare him away. Of course, I didn't tell him at that time. It was the first time we talk. After that, it seemed that he waited for me around my house and we went to school together. For about two weeks, we spent every morning together. But the longer time I spent with him, the more scaring and worried I was. Finally, I couldn't help it and I told him that I was a transgender. If he minds it, please leave. For me, I was so sure that he would walk away. But surprisingly, he said "I knew already". It turned out that he already knew it from one of my classmates. He was shocked first, but after he thought about it for a night, he decided that he wouldn't mind it. He just wished that I could tell him earlier.

From then on, we were in love. That is my experience of a lovely trans dating. Maybe for some of you, that wasn't so romantic, but for me, it was. It was my first time I met someone who genuinely doesn't mind me being a transgender woman and sincerely accept it. He helped me realize that there are still people who can really love us. He gave me hope for it.