Life Isn't Always Hard For Trans People


Transgender is never a choice, but an illness which needs to be cured. From my perspective, which I think represent most of trans people, we are a group of people who is born in the wrong gender. For all trans people, we would never say life is fair. From the beginning of our life, the fact that we are trapped in the wrong body is already bad enough. We have to go through the doubts of ourselves, even shame. This is our early life. Since we finally realize what we are and decide to cure this disease by surgery, we have to face the abandon and incomprehension from friends and family, even from our parents and this is very common among us. From then on, our life of isolation and bitterness begins. Friendships or romantic relationships end mostly from the moment when we come out and admit who we are. As a result, we can't be the person we want to be and do things freely as we want.

This is not the first time I'm humiliated in public, but it is definitely the worst one. My girlfriend and I went to a bar to meet guys. She knows I'm a trans. I am very glad that she didn't abandon me when she knew this. I thought she was my true friend, so I trust her with my life. After a few beer, we both went high. There's a cute guy offered me a drink, which made me very happy and I gladly accepted it. She was happy for me too. We all had a very good time that night. At the end of the night, he asked for my phone number, I think I like him also, so I gave it to him.

After that, we constantly message each other and occasionally date. I think he really liked me and I liked him very much. During those days, I often talked with my girlfriend about him and said how I felt about him and so on. One day, we both hang out in a dance club. I once again got invited by a cute guy to dance. I refused him for that I don't want her to feel that I abandoned her for a strange man. Then we continue to dance. But after a while, the man came to me and asked me again. My girlfriend said I can dance with him. So I agreed. After the dance, I can't find her in the club anymore. I called her but there's no answer. I was so depressed for that since her already agreed me to dance with that man, why was she still mad at me?

I went home quickly. Before I sleep, I got a message from the guy I met from the bar with my girlfriend. He questioned me: why you didn't tell me you are a trans? You are so disgusting. I was so panic. I won't tell anyone what I am until I want to be in a serious relationship with him. Because I think this is my privacy, which I cherish and won't easily share with others. I only tell those I trust, for that only those people who deserve my trust will understand me. There's no need to tell a random guy the most private thing about myself and receive his or her incomprehension and disrespect.

I knew it very clearly that it was my girlfriend who told him that. It gradually came to me that maybe it was because she felt a sense of jealous of me for getting more attention that her. She had no idea how envy I was about her for being who she is from the day she was born and don't have to go through so much mistreat as me. That's when it hit me that actually I am lucky for that I went through so much hard time, as a result, every little fortunate in life makes me feel lucky and also saved me from being a green-eyed monster.

How to Date a Transgender Woman?

Today, we are talking about some suggestions on how to date a trans woman for people who are interested in them. Transgender dating is definitely different from dating a regular woman. Because of their special experiences, trans woman are more sensitive but stronger than regular ones. But when it comes to people they care and love, they can be so vulnerable that your careless words or action may hurt them.

For every trans person, when they found out they are trans, they may think it will take a few years to get back to the field. At least, in a short time, they will not think about dating or any other romantic relationships. Not only because of their identity, but more because they are worried about how the society would react and how people would see her. After all, there are many people are so self-conflicted and confused about transgenders. Some radicals have this hate feelings towards transgenders. Some even serious enough to commit a murder. Therefore, many transgenders are too scared to come out because they think it may get them killed. Trans dating might get them killed.

Some cis-genders who are attracted to transgenders would question their sexual orientation. Am I still straight if I am attracted to a trans woman? The answer is yes. You are 100% straight. If you are a man and attracted to a woman, then you are straight. It is just that simple. Your sexual orientation does not depend on what they look like and what their body look like. It depends on who they are. A woman or a man. So if you are attracted to a trans woman or a trans man, don't worry about it. Just go for it. Transgender dating will surprise you.

Here are some suggestions to date a transgender if you are interested.

Do not treat her like a sex toy. Since it's existence, transgender has been related to sex. Up to now, when people see a transgender, they would assume that she is a hooker or something like that. The truth is we have never wanted to be that way. This is a dehumanizing and degrading behavior. Many people consider us as a fetish, which we are not. We are people who you may have feelings for. Actually, many transgenders still have a fear of being murdered. So they wouldn't try one night-stand with some random people. Do not make casual assumption unless you know the fact. The statistic shows that 1 in 15 transgender people is murdered. 1 in 12 trans women is murdered. 1 in 8 trans women of color is murdered every year in US. The data is shocking but it is true. What I want to show you is that we take such a huge risk to come out and be the true self, we worth much more than your sexual fetish.

Another suggestion is to think carefully before you speak. Because you will hurt someone even if you didn’t realize that. If you try it, it is not so hard. It will become a habit and easy to get over.

Some Tips and Advice for You to Look Passable

If you are a transgender woman, maybe you are already learning how to make yourself look passable. Today, we are offering you some practical tips and advice for you to help you look passable.

Makeup is a must for every transgender woman. You need to do makeup, but not too much, unless you want to look like a clown or drag queen and get clocked. Makeup is about cover your disadvantages and high-light your advantages. You want to hide your manly eyebrows and manly nose. Use makeup! You are going to need a full coverage concealer and foundation. Go to professionals and let them teach you how to wear makeup. Shape your eyebrows. This is one of the advantages transgender women have over cisgender women. Usually transgender women have bushy eyebrows. All you need to do is shape them. After then, you don't even need to draw them. They are perfect enough. But if you have very thin eyebrows, you will need some more time to take care of them. You need to draw them. But remember do not draw too much, or it will make you look ridiculous. Do not use too bright and exaggerated colors, such as red, yellow, blue, etc. Do not wear super black contour. Your makeup should be as natural as possible. It can increase your femininity and get you trans dating.

Grow your hair out. I believe no one still want a boy short hair after they decide to transition. Hair is a very important symbol of women and femininity. In the period of growing your hair, you will need some wigs. Do not take your half-female head out. You will be clocked and pictured and laughed at so bad. Wear a wig. Choosing a color and style that match with the color of your face and feature. If your cheeks are too big, choose a wig that can cover them with hairs naturally drooping on the two side of your face. If you have a short face, do not choose a wig that has front hair. Choose one that is divided from the middle. It can lengthen your face visually. You'd better buy some nice wigs if you don't want your hair looks very spurious. You also need to maintain them. Wash them occasionally and brush them every time you wear. Do not just throw them in your wardrobe randomly. Find something to have your wig placed nicely.

Be careful with your body language. This is also a huge give-away. Keep your feet crossed when sitting down. Keep your back straight when you walk and sit. Walk a straight line. If you do not know what body language you should correct, just have a cup of coffee outside and take a chair and sit down and watch the women passing you. Watch their behavior. How do they sit, walk, chat, and so on? Learn it if you think they are elegant. Change your body language also takes time. You need to keep this thought in your mind and think about it all time. Eventually you will get there and have a transgender dating.

Trans Dating Apps: Best of Them All

Yes, this is the information you are seeking on various platforms. The finest apps for the purpose of trans Dating. Well, all these apps are top 5 apps that are helping a large number of users to set up date for themselves and move forward with their happy partners. So, have a look.


Transdr is a dominating app in dating purposes. Recently it has been seen as one of the finest app for the purpose of trans dating as well. All you have to do here is swipe your screen and select your trans date and set further things. People find their favourite person on transdr within minutes as the app has a big big user base and it is winning hearts of every community.


One of the biggest name in trans dating platforms. Grindr has a big reputation of a large user base with mostly authentic users. This app actually focuses on the purpose of providing trans date and also the identity specific Dating to various other communities. The girls on this app is very big in numbers as comparison to other trans dating sites.This app has got everything and almost anything you are looking in your trans date. On Grindr you can choose your date from a whole list of trans users. There's no problem of identification of anyone. You are welcomed by every mean just like any other user. Straight guys can find their trans date easily as well. And yeah trans people can find their trans date as well. It is up to you. You can choose anyone you would like to.


If you want to find a trans date nearby your area then this is one of the best app you can have ever. There are so much of people who have found potential matches in their local are using this app. This app is just similar to the Tinder swiping feature. You can swipe screen until you find someone of your choice amd someone near you. The environment on the app is friendly. There is no discrimination whatsoever. Users are genuine and authentic. You can trust them. Paid membership is also an option on this platform which allows you to send more photos and browse with more features. Generally users are allowed to display three public pictures and they are allowed to send two private photos.

Plenty of Fish

Just like tinder Plenty of Fish has a simple interface of swiping screen and finding the date. There are around four million users from more than seven countries. Such a huge user base is enough for you to easily find a transgender date. You may look for a permanent person or simply a hook-up thing. It's all about your choice. There is also a paid membership available for the users which provides them one extra feature to see more than one photo of potential matches in their list. The app is really simple to use and search profiles. And the feature of messaging is absolutely free on this app.

Some Reasons You can't Find a Transgender Partner Yet

Are you fretting about your inability to find your ideal transgender partner? If you want to solve a problem you have to know what's causing it. The following may be some of the reasons that keep you from gaining happiness and love.
1. You haven't let go

Did you break up with your transgender girlfriend for too long? Are you still wondering how good it would be if you were still together? Maybe you think it's possible to go back to something that hurt you but you don't want to give yourself a chance to start a new life?

The past can be recreated but you don't know it. Is there no guarantee and are you willing to risk someone who might not be at the end of the road to save you? You should meet more people and give yourself a chance to meet people you don't know, which is more reliable than waiting without guarantees.

2.No follow-up after the first date

Everything is perfect, but why doesn't your transgender date follow up after the first transgender dating? Your potential partner disappears and you think starting over is a total waste of your time. Don't take this disappointment too seriously. If someone doesn't like you and suddenly disappears, you can go to someone else. It's not your fault, and the fact that that person crossed off your list of potential partners is a big help. As a reminder, you can create different emails for your different dating tasks. It will help you filter your dating life better.

3.You are addicted to your work

You want to stand out in your career, which means you have a lot of work to do. Hard work is a good thing, but obsessing about your work can get in the way of talking and interacting with people online. Like any other activity or relationship, you should make time to meet people. This is what we call your love life. Although it's important to take care of your career, one day your job will be gone. Remember, be careful in managing your time and priorities. Good organization always has a long way to go.

4.Don't expect too much

Maybe you're asking too much and expecting too much. It is recommended that you list your expectations first. However, you must keep your expectations at their best. You have to ask yourself, is there really such a trans who can reach your standard brick? If your answer is no, you need to make a new list. Keep what you can't give up, and get rid of what is totally impossible. In addition, you can add another category of pending features. For example, she may not have to be a talented painter.

A Lovely Experience of Trans Dating

I am a transgender woman and I am 24 years old. It was when I was still 15 years old when I first started my transition. I still remember time before that, vividly. I would stole my mother‘s underwear and wear them on me where ever I went. It made me feel confident and comfortable. Of course, my mother felt something wasn't right. She always lost her underwear and needed to buy new ones. Then once, she came to my room to look for clothes to wash when I was not in the room. There was a panty under my pillow and she found it. She went through my wardrobe and found the others. It got her so worried. She thought I must have some mental illness or peculiarity like crossdressers. I told them that I was a girl, a transgender girl. They just couldn't believe it and took me to a doctor. As expected, the doctor diagnosed me as transgender. That is when I started my transition. I feel lucky to have my parents who have been supporting me from the beginning.

Anyway, it happened when I was 17 years old. I was in my transition. I still didn't get used to my transgender identity and I was very conservative about it. From the appearance, I was just like any cisgender girl and I think I was pretty back then. He was living near us, not far. He went to the same school as me. We went through the same road. It was he firstly noticed me. He had nice blue eyes and a tall height. But I never noticed that until he came to me and said hi. He was two and a half years older than me. He said that "you know, we live very close. I have been noticing you since a week ago". I smiled politely. But back then, I was a little self-abased. I felt that a cute guy like him would never fall in love with girls like me, especially that I was a transgender. I thought it would scare him away. Of course, I didn't tell him at that time. It was the first time we talk. After that, it seemed that he waited for me around my house and we went to school together. For about two weeks, we spent every morning together. But the longer time I spent with him, the more scaring and worried I was. Finally, I couldn't help it and I told him that I was a transgender. If he minds it, please leave. For me, I was so sure that he would walk away. But surprisingly, he said "I knew already". It turned out that he already knew it from one of my classmates. He was shocked first, but after he thought about it for a night, he decided that he wouldn't mind it. He just wished that I could tell him earlier.

From then on, we were in love. That is my experience of a lovely trans dating. Maybe for some of you, that wasn't so romantic, but for me, it was. It was my first time I met someone who genuinely doesn't mind me being a transgender woman and sincerely accept it. He helped me realize that there are still people who can really love us. He gave me hope for it.

4 Signs that a Transgender Woman doesn't Care about You

Sometimes it's hard to understand our date's signals. Sometimes we send each other confusing messages. If you find your date has the following signs, it means she doesn't like you that much.

1.She won't answer your messages or phone calls
It's hard to see the obvious when we're attracted to someone or have strong feelings for a trans woman. The cold, hard truth is that if she never calls you back or replies to your messages, she's not interested in you. If she never calls or sends text messages, she's not that into you. That said, there's something to think about here, when we feel angry and upset, we rush to confirm. It makes sense to take the time to respond to people who don't know each other very well and don't owe each other anything. It would be terrible if she stopped working, stopped taking on family responsibilities, or didn't participate in other activities and responded directly to every cute boy she met online. There is a compromise. Reality of assessment.
2.She doesn't want to be close to you
Usually a woman who likes you will respond naturally when you touch her. She'll want to be closer to you, and she'll respond to your clues. But a transgender woman may be less natural, as some of them have had unpleasant experiences with men and feel uncomfortable or confused by men's proximity. So it's hard to evaluate. So it's hard to evaluate. You have to look at it objectively and trust your feelings. If she snuggles up close to you, or holds your hand tightly, or kisses your back without feeling distant, then she's probably right next to you. Some of a woman's body language is the best answer.
3.She is less talkative to you
Again, this may be contradictory, as it depends in part on the environment and her nature and personality. Some women are more talkative than others. But generally speaking, when a transgender woman likes you, she is willing to share her daily life and thoughts with you. She will ask you for feedback and will respond to what you have told her. If she always answers with a single word, such as "good" or "not much," you might think she has nothing to say to you. If she is very talkative with her girlfriend or other people, but she has nothing to say in front of you, then this may be a signal.
4.She doesn't want to make time for you
The woman who wants to meet you will take the time to meet you, or she will want to make plans with you. She can't put everything down for a man she just dated, so the fact that she has a plan with friends or family to go to the gym and work is worth acknowledging. But if she's always looking for a reason to say no or not see you, it means she's really not interested in you. You'd better let go and find other trans woman maybe on transgender app.