How Do I Come Out as Trans?

All transgender people will face a lot of troubles before, during and after the transition. Almost all trans people will face the same problem is how to appear in front of their family and friends as transgender people, which may make them feel difficult and scared, because all people want to get the support and understanding of their close people. The lucky people may get the understanding of their families, while the unfortunate people will not get the support of their families and friends, but also gain the pressure from the society in many different aspects. If you are facing the same problem now, you may as well continue to read this article. Maybe you can find a satisfactory answer.

What does “come out” mean?

Come out means that people appear as transgender. This means that you may want others to address you with your preferred personal pronouns and treat you as your gender identity. For example, you are a FTM. If you decide to appear as a ts, you will long for your family and friends to call you his, him and other personal pronouns, and treat you as a real man. In fact, comes out as trans is a very personal decision. This decision also varies from person to person. Some people want to reveal their true identity and expect to be recognized by everyone. But for others, hiding their gender identity is a protection. Moreover, there are differences in the time when everyone comes out as a transsexual. Some people will choose before, during or after the transition. What's more, they want to share with different people. In short, there is no fixed template here, you just need to make the corresponding choice according to your own wishes. Here is the best transgender app.

How to come out as trans?

In fact, come out as a transsexual to your friends and family is not a very simple thing. Because we don't know whether we can get their support and understanding, we often fall into panic before doing this. There is no specific way to help successfully win their understanding and recognition. But maybe the following methods can give you some hints.

First of all, before you decide to disclose your gender identity with them, you need to allow you enough time to think about when, where and how you do it. It's only when you're well prepared that you can make it work. Then you can find out who is the friendliest and most supportive person in your life. Through their observation, we can get their views on transgender people and their acceptance of transsexual identity. Secondly, you should let yourself know something about ts people, in case they ask you some strange questions when you announce your identity. Then, you have to choose one of the most acceptable ways, including telephone, email, personal expression and so on. It's hard to accept the reality as soon as they hear it. Therefore, you should give them enough time to think and accept it.