Transgender dating guide and experience

Where to find your trans date?

There are a lot of apps for transgender people, so I suggest all transgender people to find their ts date online. It is a easier way for trans people and their admirers to break the ice and chat with their potential partners online. For me, I would find my transgender date online. Because as a trans person, I'm not sure if the one I meet in real life can really accept me. It is terrifying to date an unfriendly people. To be honest, I've date so many guys in life, most of guys I met online are friendly to me, while most of guys I met in real life are unfriendly to me. This is why I prefer to join online dating apps. Most of my dates I met online knows that I'm trans, so it is easy for the to accept me as trans, and I don't need to explain who I am to them. For all transgender people, it is difficult to disclose who they are to other people. I like to tell my partner I'm trans before going on a date, because it is really matter if they cannot accept dating a trans girl. Dating someone who don't know I'm trans, or someone who cannot accept dating trans is my biggest fear.

How to tell other people that you are trans?
We have our own point of view on how to tell other people that we are trans. For me, the best way is to disclose in my profile, and I think it really works for online dating. If you are going to date someone, it is necessary to tell him who you are before dating. They are going to date with you, so they have the right to know more about you. Ts dating as a transgender woman it full of difficulties. I didn't know where to meet open-minded people at first, and then I didn't now how to tell them that I'm trans, there are also many other problems ahead of me. I was so scared when I date a guy for the first time, the same as most transgender people, I have trust issue. I didn't know whether it is safe to tell him that I'm trans. So I chose to write him online before meeting in real life. This is the way that I have been using till now.
What's your standard?

The same as all women, I have my own standard on my dating partners. For example, I'm tall, so I'd only date man who is tall. I don't think I need to give up my standard and date someone I don't like. Unlike some other transgender women, I'm clear about what I want. I'm a trans woman, but I want to life-time partner. I will never date someone for hookup, this is a transgender dating rules that I'm always stand for. I'm serious in all relationship, I respect all men I met, so I hope to be treated in the same way.