Two big taboos that trans women put into trans relationships

Trans women have a lot of problems with trans relationships. To help trans women navigate relationships better, we've identified two taboos that trans women and grindr trans should be aware of in their relationships.

You either don't build trust or you destroy it.

If a man wants to think about the future with you, he must trust you to respect him and when he supports you, he will support you. The heart of every little boy wants to grow up to be a hero, and a good man connected to you will give everything he has to be your hero. As a matter of fact, he may even give his life to protect you. His commitment is so deep. In return, he must trust that you also have his best interests at heart. Men also tend to strongly resonate with the concept of honor, a pillar of military doctrine. In a word, a good man has high standards, if you want to keep him, you must do the same.

You tried to tie him up too early.

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes trans women make over and over again. After a transgender dating, a kiss, or even an intimate encounter, trans women often feel that they have magically entered a "relationship". Not so fast, actually. First of all, it's not when we talk about your condition, the masculine energy has a very different standard for the name. In fact, humans have an almost primitive drive and preference for the concept of freedom that is actually in their DNA. Moreover, the basic human instinct is that once you catch someone quickly, they instinctively and reflexively pull away. While it may sound like men aren't interested in monogamy, it isn't. Masculine energy will absolutely commit and voluntarily surrender their freedom, but only after they are convinced that you have something better to offer. The point is - timing is everything. Let a man pursue you, but don't try to take away his freedom; He can only surrender. This is true in any relationship. The more you try to tie someone down, the farther they will be away from you.

I also have a very common one. This is partly because it is more a misunderstanding than a mistake that leads to a belief or attitude. You're looking for a man who can "finish" you at your job. Those who invest in themselves and do some personal development work have a huge advantage in attracting and maintaining the love they deserve. They did the work of healing. They know how to communicate gracefully, effectively and efficiently with another person. Like anything else in life, it all comes down to proper preparation and sweat to get the life you want.