How to Date a Transgender Woman?

Today, we are talking about some suggestions on how to date a trans woman for people who are interested in them. Transgender dating is definitely different from dating a regular woman. Because of their special experiences, trans woman are more sensitive but stronger than regular ones. But when it comes to people they care and love, they can be so vulnerable that your careless words or action may hurt them.

For every trans person, when they found out they are trans, they may think it will take a few years to get back to the field. At least, in a short time, they will not think about dating or any other romantic relationships. Not only because of their identity, but more because they are worried about how the society would react and how people would see her. After all, there are many people are so self-conflicted and confused about transgenders. Some radicals have this hate feelings towards transgenders. Some even serious enough to commit a murder. Therefore, many transgenders are too scared to come out because they think it may get them killed. Trans dating might get them killed.

Some cis-genders who are attracted to transgenders would question their sexual orientation. Am I still straight if I am attracted to a trans woman? The answer is yes. You are 100% straight. If you are a man and attracted to a woman, then you are straight. It is just that simple. Your sexual orientation does not depend on what they look like and what their body look like. It depends on who they are. A woman or a man. So if you are attracted to a trans woman or a trans man, don't worry about it. Just go for it. Transgender dating will surprise you.

Here are some suggestions to date a transgender if you are interested.

Do not treat her like a sex toy. Since it's existence, transgender has been related to sex. Up to now, when people see a transgender, they would assume that she is a hooker or something like that. The truth is we have never wanted to be that way. This is a dehumanizing and degrading behavior. Many people consider us as a fetish, which we are not. We are people who you may have feelings for. Actually, many transgenders still have a fear of being murdered. So they wouldn't try one night-stand with some random people. Do not make casual assumption unless you know the fact. The statistic shows that 1 in 15 transgender people is murdered. 1 in 12 trans women is murdered. 1 in 8 trans women of color is murdered every year in US. The data is shocking but it is true. What I want to show you is that we take such a huge risk to come out and be the true self, we worth much more than your sexual fetish.

Another suggestion is to think carefully before you speak. Because you will hurt someone even if you didn’t realize that. If you try it, it is not so hard. It will become a habit and easy to get over.