Some Tips and Advice for You to Look Passable

If you are a transgender woman, maybe you are already learning how to make yourself look passable. Today, we are offering you some practical tips and advice for you to help you look passable.

Makeup is a must for every transgender woman. You need to do makeup, but not too much, unless you want to look like a clown or drag queen and get clocked. Makeup is about cover your disadvantages and high-light your advantages. You want to hide your manly eyebrows and manly nose. Use makeup! You are going to need a full coverage concealer and foundation. Go to professionals and let them teach you how to wear makeup. Shape your eyebrows. This is one of the advantages transgender women have over cisgender women. Usually transgender women have bushy eyebrows. All you need to do is shape them. After then, you don't even need to draw them. They are perfect enough. But if you have very thin eyebrows, you will need some more time to take care of them. You need to draw them. But remember do not draw too much, or it will make you look ridiculous. Do not use too bright and exaggerated colors, such as red, yellow, blue, etc. Do not wear super black contour. Your makeup should be as natural as possible. It can increase your femininity and get you trans dating.

Grow your hair out. I believe no one still want a boy short hair after they decide to transition. Hair is a very important symbol of women and femininity. In the period of growing your hair, you will need some wigs. Do not take your half-female head out. You will be clocked and pictured and laughed at so bad. Wear a wig. Choosing a color and style that match with the color of your face and feature. If your cheeks are too big, choose a wig that can cover them with hairs naturally drooping on the two side of your face. If you have a short face, do not choose a wig that has front hair. Choose one that is divided from the middle. It can lengthen your face visually. You'd better buy some nice wigs if you don't want your hair looks very spurious. You also need to maintain them. Wash them occasionally and brush them every time you wear. Do not just throw them in your wardrobe randomly. Find something to have your wig placed nicely.

Be careful with your body language. This is also a huge give-away. Keep your feet crossed when sitting down. Keep your back straight when you walk and sit. Walk a straight line. If you do not know what body language you should correct, just have a cup of coffee outside and take a chair and sit down and watch the women passing you. Watch their behavior. How do they sit, walk, chat, and so on? Learn it if you think they are elegant. Change your body language also takes time. You need to keep this thought in your mind and think about it all time. Eventually you will get there and have a transgender dating.